"Take Back Crazy" A Social Media Movement!

Take Back Crazy is a social media movement by @PrettyCrazyCo that aims to empower anyone who has ever been labeled crazy.

In our society, “crazy” is often a term used to dismiss women, minority groups and those suffering from mental illness. In our books however, being called crazy means you are on the right track - you are bold, brave, passionate, talented and uniquely you!

Sometimes, when we stand up for what we believe and live in our truth, others are quick to judge because they wish they could do the same!

We're making an effort to understand those who see things differently and break down societal stereotypes.

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Individuals taking part in our movement are encouraged to use #TakeBackCrazy and finish this sentence:

I'm crazy because I'm... (i.e. brave, creative, happy etc.)

The objective is to complete the sentence with a positive adjective in order to change what it means when an individual is labeled "crazy". 

Apparel can also be purchased at www.prettycrazyco.com with a portion of all proceeds going to support individuals whose lives have been affected by mental illness, bullying & domestic violence. 

You can join the movement today by using #TakeBackCrazy and sharing what it means to you! We often feature our inspiring stigma-warriors on our blog and social pages!

Cheers! xx
The Pretty Crazy Team 

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