Are You FEARce? - Pretty Crazy Co. x FEARce Academy Collaboration

Without pain, we would never know peace; without our demons, we would have no gods.

Pearce Academy Sweater - Janey Brown

To be FEARce is to have fears and be fierce at the same time. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to live through it into enlightenment. When you conquer all that betrays your heart, you find strength and peace in triumph. There is no better adversary than our fear; it can be our greatest teacher. 

Pretty Crazy Co. is honoured to team up with the incomparable FEARce Academy™ for this awesome unisex sweater design! Founded by performance mindset coach Janey Brown, FEARce Academy™ aims to help individuals hone their performance skills on the stage of life. Whether you battle anxiety in the boardroom or the stadium, FEARce Academy™ builds upon the pillars of authenticity, self-awareness and courage to instill in its participants the powerful truth that they are made more beautiful by their flaws. 

You can read more about Janey Brown and FEARce Academy™ HERE.

To join them on their social media journey follow @FEARceAcademy & @JaneyBWorld ✌️✨ 

Cheers! xx

The Pretty Crazy Co. Team

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